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Passionate About Helping Others
Reach Their Goals


Nick's passion has always been to help others find success. That has materialized in many ways over the years:  in high school, it was tutoring friends to pass exams. In undergrad, it meant working in the admissions office to help prospective students get a leg up on the admission process. In grad school it meant focussing on social impact to better gain tools and insights to help a broader population. In his Head of HR role it means being a voice of the people to always advocate for each employee. Today, that same passion shows up to help individuals navigate two complex interrelated processes:  1) determining one's passions/life goals and 2) deciding which profession would enable those goals to become a reality.



Today there is an expert for everything, yet the majority of individuals do not seek professional assistance when choosing what career is right for them or how to get there. This leads to delaying education (which limits career options), spending longer in college switching majors (which costs time and money), graduating with no idea what to do (again lost time and money), and not getting accepted into the dream school/job.

While in undergrad and graduate school, Nick recognized the chaotic/complex environment of getting the right degree and leveraging that degree to the right career. On the Human Resources side after years of seeing individuals in the wrong roles and answering thousands of questions about how to grow/switch/start a career, Nick decided to launch an advising company. The gap is simple, there is no proactive planning up front for the complex education and job markets ahead. The Company's vision is to revolutionize the career planning process by connecting passion with a profession and leveraging expertise to give individuals the insider scoop on how best to navigate to their desired goals.


  • +10 years in Human Resource / Strategy consulting

  • Most recent role as Head of Human Resources Strategy for a newly public tech company 

  • UCLA teaching and undergrad admissions experience

  • Experience working across Fortune 250 companies, Not-For-Profits, startups through going public, and small business ventures


  • UCLA MBA (Masters in Business Administration) with focus in Social Impact and Entrepreneurship

  • Honored as Mentor of the Year by the University Nevada Las Vegas

  • Recipient of multiple undergrad/graduate scholarships

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